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Fraud Prevention

Virtually every entity suffers from fraud, though management might not know it. According to the ACFE, fraud cost entities an estimated 5% of their annual revenues, organizations lacking proactive fraud prevention measures are the most at risk. This two-day, instructor-led course will show you why traditional internal controls can be ineffective in preventing many frauds and how to combat fraud more effectively and economically.
  • discover what they can do to protect their
    company from fraud
  • learn about management’s responsibilities for
    preventing fraud and effective internal controls to
    aid in this effort.
  • Learn the basic steps in conducting fraud
    examination with emphasis on evidence gathering,
    questioning & interviewing.
  • learn leading techniques to manage the risk of
    fraud and cut its ongoing cost for all types of
  • Learn how to assess fraud schemes and behaviour
    amongst potential fraudsters; and
  • What to do if they suspect fraud.

1-2 Day (Lagos, NG / New Orleans USA)

Money Laundering Schemes

Money laundering is a common element in many fraud, corruption and terrorist-financing cases and has an economic impact on most businesses and government entities. As technology’s accessibility and ease of use increases, so does the number of ways a fraudster can conceal his ill-gotten gains. This course keeps participants (risk managers, fraud examiners, auditors and other professionals alike) to remain ahead of the fraudsters.
  • learn how to recognize both traditional and
    emerging methods of laundering assets, including
    new payment technologies
  • learn the tools and techniques you need to
    conduct a successful money laundering
  • gain the skills and knowledge to combat the threat
    of money laundering and their relationships with bribery and corruption.

2 Days (Lagos, NG / New Orleans USA)

Contract and Procurement Fraud

The rise in contract management and the outsourcing of goods and services has created an increase in procurement fraud, which can occur at any stage of the contracting and procurement process. Appropriate controls, fraud prevention strategies and proper tendering processes are necessary in the fight against this fraud. However, collusion among bidders, between employees and contractors, especially procurement staff pose greater challenges.
  • learn best practices in preventing, detecting and
    investigating contract and procurement fraud.
  • be aware of the vulnerabilities and risks
    associated with fraud schemes that attack the
    purchasing, procurement and contract functions.
  • acquire the knowledge, skills and techniques you need to prevent, detect and deter these devastating frauds.

2 Days ( Lagos NG / San Francisco, USA)

Detecting Financial Statement Fraud

The complexity of financial statement fraud has received considerable attention over the past few years and will continue to cause concern. This course is designed for those who regularly review and evaluate financial statements. Auditors, both internal and independent, Regulators, Investors and Directors, will benefit from an enhanced understanding of what the numbers mean and the increased ability to detect indicators of fraud.
  • learn practical techniques to detect financial
    statement manipulation.
  • Specific features of financial statement fraud
  • Nuances that may portend fraud potentials in
    preparers of financial statements
  • Understand the fraud-related responsibilities of
    finance professionals and senior management
  • learn how to compute simple ratios and analysis to
    proof incidences of fraud in financial statements

2 Days (Lagos NG / San Diego, USA)

Fraud Risk Management

The field of risk management has attracted increased mainstream attention in the wake of the economic meltdown as the public has begun to comprehend the negative effects of uncontained risk. Unfortunately, many risk management professionals tend to underestimate the role of fraud in the scope of their professional duties. With organizations losing an estimated 5% of their annual revenues to fraud, the need for a strong anti-fraud stance, a proactive & comprehensive approach to combating fraud is clear.
  • Learn how their organizations can increase their focus on fraud within their risk management practices
  • Learn how to detect, measure, deter and prevent fraud.
  • Learn how to integrate anti-fraud initiatives into their risk management programs
  • Learn how to engender the culture of risk management within your organisation i.e. fraud risk management acculturation

2 Days (Lagos, NG / Tampa, FL,USA)

Auditing for Internal Fraud

As an auditor or independent reviewer, finding incidences of fraud is part of your professional responsibility. And because fraudsters deliberately cover their trails, traditional internal auditing knowledge and techniques are not enough to detect incidences of fraud. Auditing for Internal Fraud is a notch higher in terms of technicality, documentation, evidence gathering and “norming” of a potential fraudster.
  • explore the challenges that auditors traditionally face in identifying fraud
  • learn the fundamentals of auditing for fraud, with an emphasis on understanding the common schemes, detection techniques and methods of preventing occupational fraud.
  • help you develop and sharpen your existing skills and teach you the techniques necessary for effective fraud detection.

2 Days (Lagos, NG / Chicago, USA)

Stalling Bribery & Corruption; The Way To Go

One of the banes to national growth and economic development is the scourge of bribery and corruption. Many nationals and big corporates loose major chunk of their resources to different schemes of fraud in form of bribery and corruption. To reposition any entity especially high risk sectors, office holders must be seen and act in a way to prevent bribery and corruption; only through this can they gain the confidence of their employees or populace.
  • Conduct fraud examinations using the internet
    efficiently and legally
  • Create advanced searches on popular search
  • Search public records and commercial databases
  • Obtain information from foreign corporate records
  • Mine social networking sites such as Facebook and
  • LinkedIn for data in your investigation
  • Analyze the evidence you have found and close the

2 Days (Houston, USA )

Fraud Awareness, Campaign & Education (FACE)

The FACE Programme will complement organization’s management effort in an ongoing effort to strengthen risk management aimed at educating employees and corporate executives about fraud and fraud risks inherent in the business, by raising awareness, in order to deter fraud and encourage employees to report wrongdoing. By implementing an effective fraud awareness program, management can harness the efforts across the organization in its anti-fraud activities and can  significantly reduce the cost of fraud within the organization.
  • Understand their roles in companywide antifraud
  • Learn how to report wrongdoing and concerns
  • learn how to recognize red flags of fraud
  • Know different fraud schemes in their areas of
  • Understand the cost of fraud
  • Learn simple to apply fraud prevention strategies
  • Understand detection strategies for early
    discovery of fraud.

2 Days (Lagos, NG)

Conducting Internal Investigations

From receiving the initial allegation to testifying as a witness, conducting internal investigations requires sensitive procedures in unraveling incidences of fraud in an organization. Considering the fact that individuals have their legal rights which must be respected in the course of investigations. Failure to follow best practice procedures may cost the organizations penalty in law more than fraud proceeds to be recovered (if any).
  • learn the fundamentals of leading an investigation
    with accuracy and confidence by gaining
    knowledge about legal considerations, document
    collection, interviewing skills and evidence
  • understand every step of an internal investigation
    of fraud.
  • Learn practical approach in addressing problems
    on internal investigation

2 Days (Lagos, NG)

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