13 Apr 2016

Tackling Fraud Together 2020

Fraud is causing misery to countless people’s lives on a daily basis – Outreach Solutions are rolling out a project called Tackling Fraud Together 2020, and are inviting sponsors to join them and their supporters to help protect those most at risk from fraud.

Following the success of the award-winning fraud awareness programme in Nottinghamshire, and two further successful campaigns in Glasgow and across Leicestershire & Rutland, Outreach Solutions are now seeking to develop a lasting legacy to build resilience to fraud across the whole of the nation, for those most at risk.

Outreach Solution are specialists in running behaviour-change campaigns which reach into the heart of any community across the UK. Working with the voluntary and community sector Outreach Solutions deliver campaigns which provide the tools and the knowledge to most effectively communicate with the target audience, especially those who are often the hardest to reach and engage with.

Outreach Solutions, who have been delivering large-scale community outreach programmes for 10 years expect to reach 1 million people over a 3 year period through a range of one to one activities and group events which will allow people to:

  • Recognise how to spot fraud
  • Build confidence in knowing how to deal with fraud
  • Feel empowered to reject fraudulent approaches
  • Build resilience and prevent financial loss and harm to physical and mental wellbeing from fraud
  • Know what to do if a scam takes place

What does the model look like?

  • Embedding messages into existing social groups community events through talks and face to face discussion
  • Enhanced one to one support for individuals who may struggle understanding the message or acting on it
  • One to one discussions during home visits or through existing services to reach those who do not connect with social community activities
  • Materials displayed in community venues and hubs where target audience frequent
  • Revisits to community groups and events
  • Refreshing and updating the messages in the community

If you are an organisation committed to tackling fraud and would like to benefit from a highly visible campaign, get in touch to find out about sponsoring opportunities.

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