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RabloWoods has helped over 75 companies from around the world achieve outstanding results. Here are the FAQs we are often asked by people considering training under RabloWoods.

What is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)?

A Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) is a leader in the anti-fraud community, noted as a specialist in the prevention, detection and deterrence of fraud. CFEs represent the highest standards held by the ACFE.

I’m new to the anti-fraud profession. Can I still attend the Review Course?

Yes. Whether you’re an experienced anti-fraud professional or new to the field, we invite you to join. Associate membership is open to all individuals of high moral character who are interested in the detection, deterrence and prevention of fraud.

How do I know if I am eligible to become a CFE?

Qualifications for becoming a CFE include having high moral character and meeting minimum professional and academic requirements. Your eligibility for certification is based on a point system which awards credit for education, professional credentials and fraud-related experience.

I already hold other certifications. Does this qualify me as a CFE as well?

No. The CFE credential is a unique designation with its own requirements and standards. Your other certifications may be counted as part of the qualifying points system, but they will not automatically make you a CFE.

Is the CFE credential acknowledged globally?

Yes, the CFE credential is recognized and accepted worldwide as the standard of professional excellence.

Do other entities offer the CFE certification?

No. The CFE certification is a unique aspect of the ACFE and RabloWoods Professional Services is the Exclusive authorized trainer for the ACFE in Nigeria.

Do I need to study with the CFE Exam Prep Course?

The CFE Exam Prep Course is recommended to all exam applicants as the most comprehensive way to review for the exam; however, the course is not required.

Is the exam going to be at the end of the four days training?

Examination will take place after each day’s training.

I have previously purchased the Prep course, but I want to attend the course, so how do I go about this?

If your previously purchased Prep course is within two years of registration date, you will pay a discounted fee of $1,000 instead of $1,600, and your Prep course will be renewed along with other benefits, you’ll pay the full amount.

I have been in the anti-fraud industry for many years; can I receive a waiver of the CFE Exam?

No, all applicants are required to take the CFE Exam. Previous experience or previous certifications will not exempt you from taking any part of the exam.

Where can I get an application for membership?

You can apply online or contact us directly.

Can I transfer my membership to someone else in my company if I leave?

No, ACFE memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.

But, participants in the ACFE Corporate Alliance program can transfer their memberships to other individuals in an organization. If your membership is under the Corporate Alliance, your membership belongs to the organization and will end once the organization chooses to end it. However, if you are no longer participating in the program, you have the option to continue your membership with the ACFE.

What are the modules under the CFE exam curriculum?

The modules are: Investigation Techniques, Law related to Fraud, Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes, and Fraud Prevention and Deterrence

How do I register for the CFE?

Fill the application form, and a member of our team would contact you.

What does the cost include?

The cost includes the following;
i. A four day instructor led training
ii. The CFE Exam Prep Course
iii. CFE Exam application fee
iv. One year associate member fee
v. Approved ACFE training materials
vi. 30 CPE certificate from the ACFE

How much is the CFE Exam Review Course?

Nigeria: $1,800 / #750,000
Ghana: $1800 (Exclusive of VAT); GHC 12,330.8 (Exclusive of VAT)

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